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Rules for admission to the school

The Lyceum accepts girls who have graduated from the 6th grade and passed the 2nd stage of the admission competition. The procedure for accepting documents will be carried out online from February 2 to April 22, 2022. Legal representatives of the applicant fill out the online form on the website and an application for participation in the competition. The results of the first stage of testing are published online by the admissions committee after 15 calendar days. Parents (or other legal representatives) can view their results using their personal code on the site.

Date of the first stage: April 24, 2022. When calculating the final test result in the exam, the indicator of the number of correct answers is multiplied by the coefficient “4” (four), one incorrect answer is multiplied by the coefficient “-1” (minus one). At the end, a general conclusion is drawn (each*correct answer + (-1)*incorrect answer = total final score). 

For the results, only the answers marked on the answer sheets are taken into account, and the information recorded in the question books is not taken into account.

I stage

The candidate will pass an exam consisting of 60 test questions:
Mathematics and logic - 40 questions;
Kazakh language - 10 Questions;
History of Kazakhstan - 10 Questions;
Testing takes 100 minutes.

II stage

The second stage is selected based on the results of the 1st stage exam.
The exam tasks of the second stage consist of 75 test questions:
Math and logic questions – 55 questions;
Kazakh language – 10 Questions;history of Kazakhstan-10 Questions;
Testing takes 130 minutes. The results of the second stage of the competition will be announced at the end of May. Parents (or other legal representatives) through their personal code you can view the results by clicking on the link.

To get more detailed information and find out the exact dates of the contest for the same year, follow this link


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Frequently asked questions

Girls who have graduated from the 6th grade can enter.

  • from the website,
  • from the Lyceum’s Instagram pages,
  • from the official websites of lyceums.

Even if you register, you can only enter emikhan from one place, since all entrance exams are held at the same time in all lyceums.

Use time sparingly, create simple questions at the very beginning, and then fill out the rest very carefully, spending at least 10 minutes filling out the answer sheet (only answers written on the answer sheet are accepted for appeal). Empty drop without marking the answer to the unknown question, because 4 incorrect answers Destroy 1 correct score. 1 day before the exam, the child should rest well, before going to the exam, it is better not to eat food that can negatively affect his stomach.

After registration, the applicant is given a registration page with a photo (or you can take it out if you register online), water, Kalam-pencil. Other than this is not allowed.

Although the exam starts at 10:00, Please come no later than 09: 00. Between this time there will be a period of explanatory work and placement. Those who are late from 10: 00 will not be accepted for the exam. Since the exam has started, no additional time is provided.

Questions of mathematics and logic, Kazakh language, history of Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Grades 6 are developed in accordance with the state mandatory standard of Secondary Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state mandatory program of basic and general secondary education. Since there are more math-logic questions, you can start preparing earlier and prepare for the corresponding questions.